Valentyna Ruiz

Loving wife and mother of 5, Who turned her passion for face painting and balloon twisting into a career that allows her to continuing caring for her loved ones and share her art with people who appreciates the simple but detailed creations.


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What kind of face paints and products do you use?

Although we refer to our service as “face painting”, we don’t use “paint”! We use only high quality, water-based, cosmetic grade face painting products. Once applied, these products look like paint. The glitter and powder used is also specially designed for use on the face and all are non-metallic.

My child has sensitive skin and allergies, are the face painting products safe?

The face painting products we use are especially friendly to sensitive skin meeting FDA and European cosmetic safety guidelines. If your child has any food allergies or very sensitive skin, we will request that your child have a small patch test area painted first.

What is the best way to wash off the face paint?

Our face painter recommends Warm water and soap. Oily or cream based removers tend to seal the color onto the skin. For full-face painting designs, using a no tears baby shampoo allows you to wash around the eye area with minimal irritation. Sometimes all that is needed is a moist towelette or baby wipe which we often use during face painting application to fix mistakes.

Does the paint stain clothing, rugs, towels, etc.?

It’s important to mention that any make-up has the potential to stain certain materials. However, generally speaking our face painters work is not messy. The “face paints” are in a solid cake form and are used with a small amount of water. We do, however, prefer to work in a non-carpeted area.

What ages do you recommend for face painting?

Children love face painting, however, children three years or older seem to be the biggest face painting fans. The younger the child, the more likely they are to prefer sitting on an adult’s lap and getting a very quick, simple face painting design on their arm or the back of their hand. Children must be older than two years of age and we will not face paint a child against their will. – Also for adults, we will not face paint them against their will either!

When should I book?

Booking our face painter is variable, depending on the time of year, but during the summer months and around holidays, try to give us at least 2-4 weeks notice for the best chance at getting your preferred date and time. But if you have a last-minute need for entertainment, contact us — you never know when we might have availability for face painting!

How do I determine how many entertainers will I need at my event, or how long they should stay?

When you contact us about your event, we’ll ask a lot of questions…not to pester you, but to help you make it the best it can be! By finding out the ages of the guests, how many there will be, what your budget is, and what kind of entertainment you want, we can give you the best value in entertainment to fit the needs of your event and make it fabulous!


Standard Pricing Per Artist:
$175 - 1 Hour
$250 - 2 Hours
$375 - 3 Hours
$500 - 4 Hours
$100 - Each Additional Hour


Balloon Twisting

Standard Pricing Per Artist:

$200 - 1 Hour
$250 - 1.5 hour
$300 - 2 Hours
$450 - 3 Hours
$600 - 4 Hours
$125 - Each Additional Hour

Airbrush tattoos $175+
Henna $150+
Glitter Tattoos $125+

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